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Adrenal Fatigue Causes

Adrenal Fatigue: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Adrenal gland is the triangular shaped endocrine glands located on top of the kidneys.

These glands regulate the body’s response to stress through the synthesis of corticosteroids and catecholamines, including cortisol and adrenaline.

The adrenal glands are not working efficiently can trigger a health condition known as adrenal fatigue (adrenal fatigue).

Due to the dysfunction of the adrenal glands, cortisol levels in the body will decrease.
Cortisol is necessary to cope with stress and fight infection.

Adrenal fatigue has some other name like non-Addison hypoadrenia, hypoadrenalism, sub-clinical hypoadrenia, and neurasthenia.

The adrenal glands are not functioning properly can interfere with blood sugar metabolism resulting in fatigue and weakness.

The Causes

Stress is the most common cause of adrenal fatigue.
Excessive stress, among others, caused by pressure of work, physical activity, change of job, the death of a loved one, marital problems, and physical illness.
Several other factors that contribute to the stress of adrenaline are fear, anger, guilt, depression, anxiety, excessive exercise, physical or mental pressure, lack of sleep, trauma/injury, surgery, exposure to toxins, chronic pain, chronic infections, poor digestion, malabsorption, chronic disease, low blood sugar, and malnutrition.


In the first stage, the adrenaline secretion occurs higher than usual in response to stress levels are also higher.
The adrenal cortex is stimulated to produce cortisol and other related hormones in excess.
The second stage is known as the adaptation or resistance when stress takes place continuously.
Continued excess hormones produced to increase blood sugar and blood pressure.
At this stage the corticosteroids continued to produced by the adrenal cortex to fight stress.
The third stage is known as fatigue. During this stage, the body’s ability to cope with stress ultimately diminished.
The hormone adrenaline down from too high to very low. At this stage occur adrenal fatigue that triggers a decline in stress tolerance, accompanied by the physical and mental fatigue.


Adrenal fatigue often develops after periods of physical or emotional stress.
Some of the common signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue are:

– Sleep is not refreshing
– Excessive fatigue
– The desire to eat salty and sweet foods
– Unable to cope with stress
– Stamina is low, slow to recover from physical activity
– Low levels of immune
– Feel most energetic at night
– Difficulty in concentration
– Bad digestion
– Premenstrual syndrome
– Extreme sensitivity towards cold
– Low blood pressure
– Weight gain
– Shaking under the pressure
– High frequency illness like the flu and other respiratory
– The lack of passionate sex
– Pain in the upper back or neck without obvious reasons


Treatment for adrenal fatigue include mengasup the proper diet and lifestyle changes.
The diet must contain the amount of protein and complex carbohydrates are sufficient.
Avoid junk food, coffee, or soda. Also avoid processed foods, tobacco, and alcohol.
If necessary do some exercises such as yoga or meditation.
Nutritional supplements are also important to speed up the recovery of the condition.
The use of extracts of adrenal cortisol, vitamin B complex, a substitute for cortisol, DHEA, cordyceps, L-Theanine, licorice, Pantothenic acid, and may be useful for treating pregnenolon adrenal fatigue.

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5 places, Eat Cheap But Tasty In Bali

In addition to my most favorite Getaways Bali is a place for culinary hunt. Because it is reasonable only if every promo airfare to Bali and cheap tickets towards Bali, would jump out in time a snap. Fair enough, now just dont become destinations of bali on vacation. But being a culinary vacation destinations while hunting.

The following are 5 cheap but Tasty Eateries in Bali that could possibly be a reference to friends-friends all traveler promo tickets when getting cheap tickets or vacation to Bali. Yuk, read until completion:)

1. Cheap but Tasty Eateries in Bali: Culinary In Kreneng night market
Culinary In Kreneng Night Market
Culinary In Kreneng Night Market
For friends-friends who want to hunt for culinary traveler at a time looking for the gift shop, you can directly go to this place. Its name is the Kereneng night market is the selection of suitable for the food and the warm buff shoppaholic. Address the night market Kereneng this is on JL. Denpasar, Badung, Cambodia, with food prices start from IDR 10000.

At dusk, the traditional market is instantly transformed into a culinary tourist attractions visited by lots of tourists to locals. Indeed in this Kreneng Market, you can find various kinds of Balinese cuisine – which is certainly available with prices that do not make the bags deflated.

After satisfied trying culinary Market Kreneng, friends – friends of a traveler can go hunting gift shop. Either untukkeluarga or perhaps friends. Here you can find a variety of gift – Bali, ranging from fabrics Bali to other traditional accessories. Don't forget to try the bargain also, let you guys get the best price.

2. Cheap but Tasty Eateries in Bali: Cuisine while enjoying the ambiance of the coast at LuhTu Coffee Shop
Cuisine While Enjoying The Ambiance Of The Coast At LuhTu Coffee Shop
Cuisine While Enjoying The Ambiance Of The Coast At LuhTu Coffee Shop
LuhTu Coffee Shop is in addition to the culinary place cheap in Bali, also a fun hangout in Sanur, Bali. This place fits really make friends-friends traveler who wants to fill the belly but also want to indulge the eye with beautiful views. Just select a seat in an open area so that you can eat while enjoying views of the coast of Sindh also breezy winds that create the atmosphere of the more pleasant.

Free Wifi facilities are provided LuhTu Coffee Shop so don't be afraid if you guys can't get into social media sharing with photo sharing liburanmu while in Bali. The mainstay of food here is delicious cake ala LuhTu Coffee Shop. The total here, there are about 20 different types of cake and pastry to accompany the warm cup of coffee you guys.

Or a friend – friend traveler can also order carrot cake, lemon cheese cake or chocolate cake is delicious. But don't be surprised if you guys were to forget the diet with Yes. Because the food here is good. Plus the atmosphere was fun, definitely deh you guys hooked. Moreover, LuhTu Coffee Shop that is located on Jalan Pantai Sindu, Sanur, Bali is the price start from IDR 20000 only.

3. Cheap but Tasty Eateries in Bali: try Chicken Rice Delicacy of Kedewatan adjacent Mother Mangku
Try The Delights Of Kedewatan Adjacent Mangku Mother Chicken Rice
Try The Delights Of Kedewatan Adjacent Mangku Mother Chicken Rice
Established since 1970, chicken rice Kedewatan adjacent Mother Mangku original recipe uses from past to present. So it's no wonder again if Rice quality Health unchanged from before. Some even said if you guys haven't been to Bali if you haven't tasted the chicken rice Mother Mangku Kedewatan adjacent.

Why can it be so? Because of this chicken rice is one of Bali's cuisine much sought after tourists. Meanwhile the mother of Kedewatan adjacent Mangku chicken rice is arguably as one of its founders, especially in the area of Ubud. Moreover, the price is cheap crusts ranging from IDR 15000 per serving.

Indeed Chicken Rice processed this Mangku Mother had a distinctive nutty taste and you rarely encountered elsewhere in Bali. If they don't believe it, try the message one plate of chicken rice. One serving of chicken rice contains rice, chicken seasoning, chicken, vegetables, shred, eggs with soy, chili sauce and topping fried peanuts. Once inside the mouth, you can feel the blend that fit from chicken and creamy texture renyahnya fried peanuts as a complement.
Chicken Rice Addresses Kedewatan Adjacent Mangku Mother:

Ubud Kedewatan adjacent Highways: No. 18, Ubud.
Denpasar: Badung Tukad Road No. 3 (Yeh Tukad Aya), Denpasar.
Seminyak: JL. Jati wood (the Oberoi/Lakshmana), Seminyak, Kuta.

4. Cheap but Tasty Eateries in Bali: Balinese Cuisine will not be complete without Trying the chicken Betutu Gilimanuk Tempeh Download
Culinary Bali Will Not Be Complete Without Trying The Chicken Betutu Gilimanuk Tempeh Download
Culinary Bali Will Not Be Complete Without Trying The Chicken Betutu Gilimanuk Tempeh Download
In addition to the chicken rice, chicken Mangku Mother of Kedewatan adjacent betutu is becoming one of the culinary mandatory here. Betutu Chicken because it is one of the local Balinese kuline most widely sought. One of them is the famous Chicken Betutu Download existing Tempeh in Gilimanuk. Indeed what the heck this place special?

From its history, cuisine Chicken Betutu is only available in certain ceremonies in Bali at the moment. Hiangga in the 1970s, when Men Tempeh began to open a restaurant that serves chicken betutu Gilimanuk Terminals in the region. I was so famous, nowadays many once the restaurant claimed to be a branch of Ayam Betutu Download Tempeh. Else it's best friend – a friend traveler tasting dish in place of the original.

Chicken betutu Gilimanuk Tempeh Men served in some choice portion. Starting from the chicken whole, intact and half chicken chicken served one plate per piece. This will be served chicken with rice and vegetables complement to order such as water spinach and chicken plecing audience. In addition, there's also sambal matah, chilli paste and roasted peanuts. Price starting from its own £ 30000. While the address is on the old Terminal Gilimanuk, the village of Gilimanuk, Melaya, Jembrana Regency.

5. Cheap but Tasty Eateries in Bali: enjoy the Sate Plecing Arjuna who was Super Spicy and tasty
Enjoy The Sate Plecing Arjuna Who Was Super Spicy And Tasty
Enjoy The Sate Plecing Arjuna Who Was Super Spicy And Tasty
Sate plecing is indeed different from other sate. If the Satay is normal it is usually combined with peanut sauce, Satay and fresh this plecing by using the typical Balinese sambal. Namely chili sauce made from chilies and fresh along with the garlic, nutmeg, shrimp paste and then doused in oil and lime. Create that likes spicy food, Satay is certainly going to be a culinary favorite. Bali is famous Sate Plecing Arjuna who was on the road Arjuna49, Denpasar. Price is not too expensive kok, per portions ranging from IDR 20000 only.

Note: Bali is Indonesia's most popular destinations. Even with the popularity of many foreigners know Bali is Indonesia. Well, despite the fact it wrong anyway. There are many flights to Bali from various major cities in Indonesia. International flights to Bali won't lose much. Just choose the cheapest flight heading to Bali where did you bag, then do 5 hunting trip places to eat cheap but Tasty in Bali.

5 cara terbaru untuk tidur malam yang lebih baik

Para ahli semakin menyadari bahwa tidur malam yang baik adalah kunci untuk mencapai perasaan tenang, menata energi Anda. tim sehat menyelidiki cara-cara baru untuk tidur lebih baik pada malam hari.

1. Mengoptimalkan kamar tidur Anda

Ini harus menjadi dingin (idealnya 16-18˚C), gelap dan tenang. 'Sebuah tempat tidur berkualitas baik dan bantal membuat perbedaan besar. Dan Dewan Sleep mengatakan tempat tidur yang tepat dapat memperpanjang tidur dengan satu jam, "kata pakar tidur Sammy Margo (www.thegoodsleep "Saya merekomendasikan kasur menengah-ke-perusahaan tapi itu tergantung pada preferensi pribadi Anda dan ukuran. '

 2. Beri 'beditation' pusaran

Buzzword terbaru dalam tidur adalah teknik mindfulness, dimana Anda mengenali pikiran cemas dan membawa pikiran Anda kembali ke masa kini. Website NHS memiliki 30-menit video tutorial. Mencobanya sebelum Anda tenggelam di bawah selimut.

3. Pergi stabil pada minuman keras

'Satu gelas kecil sebelum tidur baik-baik saja; lagi bisa bermain malapetaka, "kata Margo. Terlalu banyak dan Anda melewati lebih ringan rapid eye movement (REM) tidur, akan langsung ke dalam tidur. Alkohol mereda, Anda kemudian masukkan tidur REM, yang mengapa Anda bangun setelah beberapa jam ketika Anda sudah minum. Kami biasanya memiliki enam sampai tujuh siklus REM per malam; setelah boozing, itu satu atau dua. Jadi pagi, Anda lelah.

4. Jauhkan buku harian tidur

"Apakah Anda mengalami kesulitan mendapatkan tidur, tinggal tidur, atau bangun lebih awal, 'meminta Profesor Ellis. Menjaga pena dengan tempat tidur Anda dan perhatikan berapa lama Anda tidur selama, apakah Anda bangun, pergi ke toilet, dan apa yang Anda makan atau minum sebelum tidur, untuk menentukan masalah.

5. Nap cerdas

'Terus tidur siang 20-30 menit, kata Profesor Ellis. 'Lagi dan tubuh Anda tertipu siklus tidur penuh. Dan tidak tidur siang terlalu dekat dengan waktu tidur, idealnya tidak lebih dari 3:00. '

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5 gerakan untuk membuat paha anda berbentuk seperti buah pir

Tidak ada alasan untuk tidak memiliki paha dengan rencana latihan yang mudah ini

Bentuk pir melengkung yang umum di antara kita. Jika paha Anda ada masalah Anda dapat mencoba lima langkah sederhana ini.

Untuk setiap latihan, lakukan satu set (pemula: 2 x 8 reps masing-masing bergerak; menengah: 3 x 10 reps masing-masing bergerak; canggih: 4 x 10 repetisi setiap gerakan), kemudian mengambil 20-30 detik istirahat dan beralih ke latihan berikutnya .

1. Lunges

Berdiri kaki selebar bahu. Langkah kaki kiri kembali ke jongkok, kanan paha sejajar dengan lantai, tubuh terus tegak; tahan selama satu detik. Mendorong melalui kaki kiri kembali ke berdiri. Ulangi pada kaki kanan.

2. Squats plie

Berdiri kaki sedikit lebih lebar dari bahu selebar, jari kaki dan lutut menunjukkan. Pegang dumbbell di kedua tangan, lengan menggantung lurus ke bawah di depan Anda. Jongkok perlahan, paha sejajar dengan lantai, punggung lurus. Kembali ke posisi awal.

Yoga juga dapat menjadi cara yang fantastis untuk mengencangkan-up, menemukan kelas yang tepat untuk Anda di sini

3. Langkah-up

Berdiri tegak di depan bangku rendah atau langkah. Langkah dengan satu kaki kemudian yang lain. Kembali ke posisi awal. Ulangi untuk repetisi dengan kaki terkemuka yang tepat, maka kaki kiri terkemuka.

4. Leg Lift

Berbaring di sisi kanan; memperpanjang depan kaki kiri ke sudut 45 derajat dengan kaki kanan, jari kaki menyentuh lantai. Angkat kaki kiri dari lantai sampai level dengan pinggul, lalu kembali ke bawah. Apakah repetisi kemudian mengubah sisi.

5. Jongkok Berpisah

Langkah kaki kiri ke depan, kanan kaki kembali, tumit dari lantai. Bend lutut kiri 90 derajat; mendorong melalui tumit kiri kembali ke posisi awal. Apakah repetisi; beralih kaki. Menambahkan bobot untuk latihan lebih keras. Selamat tinggal, masalah paha!

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Cara Mendapatkan Tulang Sehat Untuk Hidup

Cara Mendapatkan Tulang Sehat Untuk Hidup


Kami Memberi Anda Lowdown Pada Tulang Sehat Sepanjang Hidup Anda

Jangan mengambil tulang Anda untuk diberikan - mereka membutuhkan investasi melalui hidup Anda untuk memastikan mereka - dan Anda - tetap sehat. Untungnya, ada beberapa cara sederhana untuk mengambil kendali, apa pun tahap Anda berada di.

Sebuah Diet Yang Baik Sepanjang Hidup

Satu dari tiga orang tidak tahu tentang peran positif yang diet bisa bermain dalam mencegah osteoporosis, namun baru-baru utama laporan * dari International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) menyoroti peran penting dari nutrisi untuk kesehatan tulang. 'Seluruh penekanan harus pada diet yang seimbang, "kata Sarah Leyland, perawat senior di National Osteoporosis Society. 'Kalsium, vitamin D dan protein semua nutrisi penting, bersama dengan vitamin K dan magnesium, dan banyak mikronutrien lainnya. Cara terbaik untuk mengkonsumsinya adalah sebagai bagian dari sehat, diet seimbang dengan banyak buah dan sayuran, dan biji-bijian. 'Sebuah kata tentang protein. Meskipun jumlah yang tercantum di bawah ini didasarkan pada Referensi Nutrient Intake (RNIS), dalam prakteknya sulit untuk mengukur protein dalam diet Anda. Aturan terbaik adalah memilih protein tanpa lemak, seperti ayam, kalkun, ikan atau tahu, dan mengikuti diet sehat - dengan penekanan pada yang seimbang!

Tahap Kehidupan: Lahir Untuk Remaja

kesehatan tulang yang baik dimulai di dalam rahim. Dalam studi Southampton University, perempuan yang mengikuti diet sehat selama kehamilan memiliki anak dengan kesehatan tulang yang baik pada usia sembilan dibandingkan dengan mereka pada diet makanan olahan. Jika Anda sudah memiliki anak-anak, atau berencana mereka, berpikir tentang hal berikut:

Vitamin D: ibu hamil dan menyusui harus mengambil 10mcg suplemen dan anak-anak dari enam bulan sampai lima harus memakan waktu hingga 7mcg per hari. Seperti sinar matahari sumber terbaik, anak-anak dan remaja harus memastikan 10-20 menit di bawah sinar matahari, tanpa tabir surya, setiap hari selama April-Oktober di Inggris, mengurus untuk tidak membakar.
Catatan: Jumlah vitamin D dalam suplemen kadang-kadang ditampilkan sebagai unit internasional (IU) di mana 40IU sama dengan 1mcg vitamin D.

Kalsium: Anak-anak membutuhkan 350-550mg kalsium sehari, meningkat menjadi sekitar 800mg (1000mg untuk anak laki-laki) di usia remaja.
Protein: kebutuhan bervariasi dari 45 hingga 52G hari. daging tanpa lemak, ikan dan susu merupakan sumber semua baik.

Tahap Kehidupan: Usia 20-an

Ini adalah dekade kunci untuk mendirikan bank tulang yang baik untuk kehidupan nanti.
 Vitamin D: paparan sinar matahari adalah sumber terbaik, tapi sumber makanan yang baik meliputi ikan berminyak, telur dan sereal. Mempertimbangkan untuk mengambil suplemen selama musim dingin.
Kalsium: sekitar 700mg sehari (lebih untuk menyusui ibu). sumber makanan yang baik termasuk susu, berdaun sayuran hijau (yang juga menyediakan vitamin K yang ramah-tulang), seperti brokoli dan selada air, almond dan kacang Brazil dan wakame.
Protein: asupan berdasarkan tambahan 0,75 per kg berat badan. Membuat asupan yakin tidak berlebihan dan seimbang dengan banyak buah dan sayuran untuk mengurangi keasaman, yang tidak baik untuk tulang.

Tahap Kehidupan: 30-an Anda, 40-an dan 50-an

Ini adalah dekade penting untuk mengurangi risiko kerugian dini kepadatan tulang. Pasca-menopause, wanita kehilangan efek tulang-protektif estrogen.
Vitamin D: Meskipun ada belum ada asupan yang direkomendasikan untuk orang dewasa, banyak ahli setuju bahwa aman paparan sinar matahari tanpa tabir surya antara April dan Oktober akan membantu membangun toko untuk musim dingin. Juga berpikir tentang suplemen selama bulan-bulan musim dingin.
Kalsium: sekitar 700mg per hari. Periksa asupan harian Anda di
Protein: sama seperti 20-an. Baik sumber-sumber non-hewani termasuk pulsa dan kacang-kacangan, dan biji-bijian.

Tahap Kehidupan: 60-an Anda dan seterusnya

tulang menipis, bersama dengan massa otot berkurang, mungkin bagian alami dari penuaan, tetapi tidak harus berarti osteoporosis.
Vitamin D: Mereka 65+ berusia harus mengambil suplemen harian 10mcg, terutama jika mereka tidak menghabiskan banyak waktu di bawah sinar matahari atau di luar ruangan.
Kalsium: sekitar 700mg per hari, tetapi beberapa orang mungkin perlu untuk mengambil suplemen. Jangan berlebihan, meskipun, seperti terlalu banyak kalsium dapat berpotensi mempengaruhi jantung.
Protein: beberapa ahli menganggap bahwa orang tua perlu lebih banyak protein dari yang lebih muda dan merekomendasikan 1-1.2g per kg berat badan per hari.